KolozsiBea_Waiting for (1)

Waiting for… (sorozat) 2020-2021

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Inner landscapes, 2019

(digitalised polaroid, giclée print)

The landscapes and fragmanted details of my photographic diaries documenting my journeys were

the original source of inspiration for the series presented here. Read more & to the pictures>>

Kolozsi Bea Crossing ways BKV Budapest (1)

Crossing Ways (BKV Budapest)

Series in progress since 2016

mobile photo, digital technology

People, faces, movements and gazes seen in the public transport system of Budapest come together for a moment and create a picture in the dynamics of the journey. Read more & to the pictures>>

01 flowconnection_összes04

Flow connection, 2016, (digital technology)

There are unique moments in life when we just dissolve in the present, almost becoming one with it.

I used to experience many such moments of flow when I was a child. The experience of flow – a kind of zoning out – can …


Lifelike#01, 2015

Lifelike, 2015

In my series I photographed certain parts of our everyday public places.

The aspect I applied disrupts the originally intended order of the given space/environment/structure by some visual element or object.


Kolozsibea_lost (1)NYITO

Lost, 2015 (series)

Following the exposure when blurs, distortions and factures appearing on the surface of the steadily declining raw material are becoming parts of the picture and the real photo is losing its form and getting connected to the elements of decay, a new aesthetic context is created.


kolozsibea_landscape surface (2)NYITO

Landscape Surfaces, 2014

Triptychs made of parts of landscapes on Polaroid.

The factures of decay appear on the surface of the steadily declining raw material while the original, i.e. “real”, photo loses its form.


01/ Messed up cover page for a self-study workshop booklet (ca. 1930’s)

The J. K. Diptychs (2013)

In the summer of 2011 wandering at a flea market I came across a huge plastic bag full of documents. For some time I had already been collecting lost notes, letter fragments or shopping lists-writings that once used to be important for someone but became useless over the years. The whole bunch of papers including birth certificates, 



Peach, 2010/2011, Found Text-photo series

Found Text, 2012-2014

I find it gripping to come across and browse through texts on lost notes, old postcards, letter fragments or notebook pages blown away by the wind. Once such documents as parts of another-private-world used to be important for someone.


 There and then, 1997-2007

There and then, 1997-2007

(silver gelatin technique)

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